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Automotive Clock Service & Sales

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on my
'63 Corvette clock. Some months back, you replaced my worn out
movement with a NOS one. I couldn't be happier. It was a pleasure
doing business with you. Thanks!"
Imperial, MO
"Just a note to let you know I got the clock Thursday, put it in
the car and it runs like a clock! I want to thank you for your
promptness and honesty. It's refreshing."
Leavenworth, KS

"This will be the fifth clock you have done for me over the
last 10 years, and all are still working fine. Thank you!"
Port Chester, NY

"I got my clock back for my '65 Olds 442. The turnaround time
was very prompt, and I'm really happy with the work. Thanks
Columbus, MS
"The clocks arrived today, very nice work, they look beautiful!
Thanks a million!"
Beaver Falls, PA
"Thanks for the prompt service on my T-bird clock. I really appreciate
that you replaced the broken set stem and missing knob. I will
recommend your service anytime!"
Grand Rapids, MI
"You've built a number of clocks for me over the years, and every one
of them "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin"...thanks for such good
Greer, SC
"I was told by my better half "Don't hold your breath", but you
came thru. I got a hug & kiss! Thanks ever so much."
Fremont, CA
"Great Job! ...Love how beautiful the clocks work and look."
Brockton, MA
"Here comes my '61 Desoto's clock for mechanical restoration.
Finnish clock shop charged me for a poor job. ...I will tell to
Finnish clock shop, where is the place who can restore the clock
"Last year I sent a 1936 Packard clock to a repair shop. Four
weeks later it came back and ran for one month. This same clock
was sent to THE CLOCK WORKS...and was returned one week
later and is still ticking away. I sent the clock from my '41 Packard
to the same place. It was back in exactly one week."
Brandenburg, KY
...to Hemmings Motor News
"It was nice to talk to someone who was so pleasant and took the
time to explain my options. I hope you have continued success..."
Beecher, IL
"It's always a pleasant surprise to see that someone takes pride in
doing the job right. I will be telling all my friends about the quality
workmanship and speedy turnaround time."
Horseheads, NY
"Thanks for your excellent workmanship on my clock. Two
new bulbs, a couple of minutes to refit, and there was a
shining beacon on my dashboard. I'm sure all your
customer's are as satisfied as I am."
Queensland, Australia
"Thanks for your very speedy service, and the clock looks
like it just stepped out of a new parts catalog!"
Los Gatos, CA
"After having gone through unspeakable nightmares...and
wasting several months of time, it was refreshing to finally
find someone who knows what he's doing! You did a terrific
East Douglas, MA

"The last two clocks you did for me are beautiful."
Seattle, WA
"After some research, I decided to go with your business
based on the quality of work and the professionalism your
company stands for."
Tallahassee, FL
Here is what some of our customers have to say . . .
"Just received my repaired clock. It looks great! Thank you
very much for the excellent work. I appreciated your advice
on the different repair options. Thanks again."
San Jose, CA
"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on my '48 Ford
clock several months ago."
Valley, NE
"I am very pleased with the clock you rebuilt for me. It looks
great and is ticking away merrily. Now the old Lincoln knows
what time it is again. Thanks for a job well done."
St. Louis, MO

"The clock looks great and works great. Thanks for the quick service.
My neighbor was right when he recommended you. Thanks again!"
Maple Grove, MN
"My 2 '56 Olds Clocks came home today and boy do they look
different! Fantastic Job...and I had them both back in less than a
week! Thanks so much!"
Bourbonais, IL

"My '55 Belair clock had already been converted to quartz by [another
company] and it only worked for 2-3 years. They were not concerned
and would not even offer a discount on repairing it. Your courtesy and
willingness to help is appreciated. I will pass this along to others."
Alexander, NC

"The clock arrived today all in perfect order. Thanks very much for
your great service!"
Victoria, Australia
"Thanks to you my car is functioning 100% original just as it was back in
1978. The turnaround time was incredible and no hassles with shipping
(using my Fed-X account). Thanks again!"
Wayne, NJ
"I got my '56 Chevy clock back today and it looks great. I really admire
the quick turnaround. Thanks Again."
Bristol, VA

"Received the clock last Friday and installed it. It's keeping exact time!
Thank you for the fast & excellent service!"
Wexford, PA
"I just got my 1966 Corvette clock back from The Clock Works. The clock hasn't
worked for over 25 years. Fifty bucks and four days later and it's in my Sting Ray
ticking like new! Great workmanship. Friendly, helpful people answered all my
questions and set my mind at ease about sending my valuable clock. I highly
recommend The Clock Works. Thank you so much!"
Florissant, MO
"You did an excellent job at perhaps the most competitive price in the
market. Maybe you should raise the price? Again, thanks for your help."
Westerville, OH

"Thank you for the prompt service on my '53 Buick clock. The clock is working
great and I was very impressed with the work you did. In this day of 'consumer
beware' it is great to find a business that does what it says it will do for the price
quoted. I will be happy to pass your name along to anyone who can use your
Westphalia, MO

"My clock works perfect. Thanks. I will recommend your company to
everyone that needs your service. "
Portland, OR
"I am very pleased to say that the The Clock Works has truly impressed me with the
quality of workmanship, friendly helpful staff and excellent turn-around time provided to
me. My ['67 Corvette] clock was in the shop for less than 24 hours and the price was
quite reasonable. Hats off to Jerry and staff. All in all just an excellent, excellent job.
Anybody needing clock work, look no further, call Jerry."
Ontario, Canada

"10 years ago you did a quartz conversion on the clock in my '66
Cutlass convertible.....it works great!"
Puyallup, WA
"Thanks for the timely and expert repair you performed on my '67
Corvette clock. You guys did a fine job for a great price. I would not
hesitate to recommend you to other Corvette owners. It looks and
works great. Many thanks again."
Seattle, WA

"[My '67 Chevelle clock] looks 100% better. Thanks for your quick
and courteous business. I will tell my friends about you."
Granville, OH

"Thanks for the great job you did on my '59 Impala's clock. It was
hard to believe it was repaired and shipped back to me so quickly!
Merci beacoup pour le bonne service tabernouche!!"
Quebec, Canada
"The people I dealt with were very professional and handled my repair
quickly and efficiently."
Ontario, Canada
...to The Canadian Chevelle Beaumont News

"Fast reliable service at a fair price. The ['59 Ford] clock was gone just
six days from removal to install. I would recommend The Clock Works to
anyone who cares about their car. If your clock won't tell you the right
time, you need to be telling Jerry. Thanks for an excellent quick repair."
Covington, KY
"I have been very pleased with your service and promptness. You
are about the 4th clock rebuilder I've used, and will be the last.
San Pedro, CA
"The ['58 Ford] clock I sent you arrived today and boy is it ever beautiful!
Thank you for the fast service and obvious care taken. I will definitely be
recommending your service to my fellow club members."
Sacramento, CA

"...service was performed promptly, courteously, and correctly. I would
recommend The Clock Works to anyone."
Flemington, NJ

"I received my 1970 Cadillac clock last week and installed it...so far so
good! Thanks for the quick service. I appreciate it!"
Kenner, LA
"Thank you for your excellent service and amazing turn around time -
sent regular UPS on Monday and back on Thursday. What a great
feeling to sit in my '57 Hawk and watch the time go by.
Minnetrista, MN

"Thanks for the great work on my Malibu clock. I'll gladly pass your
card around to my old car pals."
Cleveland Heights, OH
"Just received my ['66 Chevelle] clock back. Looks like you guys did a
nice job. I'll be sure to refer anyone who needs similar work done. "
Yorba Linda, CA

"What an awesome company! Fast, inexpensive and reliable. If all the people I
deal with were half as good as this company is, life sure would be a whole lot
more simple. On Monday my [1950 Ford] clock left my house, on Thursday my
beautifully repaired clock was back in my hands. Just slightly over 72 hours
total from leaving my house to getting the clock back! You have a great
company and service!"
Emmetsburg, IA
"The Clock Works did an excellent job refurbishing my Plymouth Cuda
clock with NOS works replacement. The clock now keeps perfect time
and is one of the few working units at car shows. Thanks Jerry!!"
Sachse, TX
"I just had my 56 Chevy's clock repaired by The Clock Works! A ticking
clock has a lot more character than the silent quartz! Thanks for the
great service!"
San Rafael, CA

"...I sent four [Corvette clocks] to Clockworks and asked them to go over my '58,
make a quartz conversion out of one of the others, and somehow make one good
clock from the remaining two. I got back three great looking clocks! I just wanted to
pass along my thumbs up!"
Hollywood, CA
...to NCRS Technical Discussion Board
"I Received my ['67 Chevelle] clock back from you yesterday and I'd
like to say thanks for doing such a great job in restoring it. I'm really
pleased with the work you did on it."
Coxsackie, NY

"The ['67 Camaro] clock works great! I installed a switch for longer
term storage. I will pass the word along about your business.
Thanks again."
Aurora, OR

"I received my ['69 Cadillac] clock back. I installed it and was very excited to
see it working again. Thank you for your prompt and professional repair. I will
keep your card handy for my other car clock repairs."
Schenectady, NY

"I received my refurbished clock for my 1972 Mercedes 350SL in the
mail yesterday. I plugged it in and voila!! It started ticking!! I ran out to
the car every hour to check it and it keeps perfect time!!! Thanks
again!! It was worth every penny!!"
Richmond, VA

"[My '68 Firebird clock] was waiting for me when I got home
yesterday. I installed it and it works perfectly. Thanks!"
Petersburg, KY

"My ['55 T-bird] clock arrived via UPS yesterday. Took about ten
minutes to install, and it looks great and works fine. Thanks for the
quick turnaround."
Grass Lake, MI
"I'm SO HAPPY with the quartz conversion you did on my '70 Olds 98!! I
tell everyone in the local Club about your great service and incredible
turn-around time. Thanks!"
Scottsdale, AZ
"...you have a fine company. I was impressed with Heidi's handling
of my questions and your quick response. Very efficient."
Marietta, OK
"I had my '68 Ford Torino clock [movement] replaced with an NOS
movement and I'm very pleased with it. You guys sure live up to your
promise. Thank you for your prompt service."
Sarasota, FL
"Received [my '47 Plymouth clock] yesterday. It looks great! You do
good work. Thanks!"
Guthrie, OK
"I just received my reconditioned ['56 T-bird] clock back from The Clock
Works and does it look good! Took all of 10 minutes to reinstall, started
right up and shows how faded the hands on the other instruments have
become over the years. Best $39.95 I've spent lately. I highly recommend
Woodway, TX
...to Classic Thunderbirds Discussion Group
"The Clockworks repaired a clock from a 1970 Chevelle SS for us. They
turned it around overnight and did a great job. Upon installation, an
unknown short circuit in the car burned out the clock. They were able to
turn it around AGAIN overnight, and just before a holiday. And the best
part is that they did it happily. Cheers to Heidi! Thank you!!!"
Line Automotive
Bohemia, NY
"Thanks for featuring my car (1946 Ford) on your web page. It was
really neat to see it there. The clock is still working great! Great job!
Thanks again!"
Dallas, TX
"Thank you for the repair and quick turn around. I installed the ['69
GTO] clock last evening and today it's still running. I haven't seen it
go that long before without tapping the dash. Thanks again for the
super job."
Perry, MI

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did restoring my 1959
Thunderbird clock . . . and upgrading it to a quartz movement. I am
very pleased with the work done. Great job and thanks."
Orlando, FL

"I received the clock this morning for my '72 Cadillac. Thanks for a
great job and fast service. I really appreciate it!"
Orient, OH
"WOW! That was quick! I just got it ['66 Corvette clock] back in
today's service. Thanks!!!!"
Utica, OH

"The folks at The Clock Works went out of their way to give me great
service on my '56 T-bird clock. Thanks so much!"
Martha's Vineyard, MA

"I never thought the old faded and tarnished console clock out of my
1967 Chevelle could have ever been restored to look this good.
Fantastic job, reasonable price and super FAST service! Thank you
Clock Works! "
St. Louis, MO

"A remarkable service! I had been told that my 1970 Mercedes-Benz
Kienzle clock was not repairable - Jerry proved them wrong! An easy
dispatch from the UK resulted in a quick turn-around and I now have a
fully functional clock in my dash. Many thanks from a very satisfied
customer from across the pond!"
Lymington, Hampshire, UK
"The Clock Works fixed my [1966 Chevelle] clock and made it look
like new. These people not only do the job right and fast...you can
talk to them and they listen to you. Great job! Great service! Great
Merritt Island, FL
"Thank you for the terrific service! I was afraid I was going to
have to resort to a quartz movement in the old clock in my 1966
GMC pickup. I was thrilled to find out that you could restore the
original movement! You can't beat that ticking sound! I'd highly
recommend your service to anyone."
Jacksonville, OR

"I've gotten my [1962 Corvette] clock back and it works like a
charm! You did a great job. Thanks much."
Franklin, TN
"Thanks for the great service and for keeping the classics forever
Columbus Junction, IA
'67 Firebird
"I was very satisfied with your repair of my clock for a 1969 Lincoln
Sedan. It looks great and operates perfectly."
Danvers, MA
"A very quick turn on my '62 Corvette clock. Like new at a very fair
price! Thanks again."
Gulph Mills, PA

"Thank you for the great repair job and fast turn around on my '57
Chevy clock. It is running like new and I am very pleased."
Channelview, TX
"I got the [1961 Corvette] clock last week and put it in and checked
it over the weekend. It works fine! Thanks for your attention to
customer satisfaction."
Rehoboth, MA
"I received the [1965 Dodge] clock this morning. I am very pleased
with your service...and for me and the car to have it back in such
excellent condition. Thanks again."
Calgary, Alberta

"My thanks for absolutely exceeding my expectations. Incredible
turnaround time, and a first rate repair job! It's very hard when
restoring a car knowing who to trust with the finite details, especially
when you have to mail the parts away. You folks have proven
extremely trustworthy, accurate, and do extraordinary work. Referrals
are on the way!"
Norton, MA
'68 Olds 442
"I sent [1940 & 1963 Buick] clocks to Jerry on a recent Monday and got
them back on Friday of the same week looking and running like new. I
have never had a better experience in having the work done on these
cars that is beyond my skill. I have passed the word to many of my
friends who agree that a car is not really done until the clock works."
Newtown Square, PA

"I received my '54 [Corvette] clock last week. Got around to
installing it today. Works GREAT, and it "ticks"! Thank you."
Fallston, MD

"I received my [1964 Cadillac] clock and am very pleased. Thank
you for the great job and speedy service. Cheers!"
Burbank, CA

"The clock was serviced and returned in four days. It works great!
Thank you for restoring the heartbeat to our '48 Chrysler"
C. H.
Oklahoma City, OK

"You guys are the greatest! I just received my clock. Thanks for the
great turn around. We will be off to the show with our all original '64
T-bird. Thanks again for a great job."
Richmond, IN

"The quartz conversion done by your shop looks great and I'm sure my
customer will be glad to get his [1953 Buick] wooden station wagon back
with a functioning clock. Again, many thanks."
Turlock, CA

"The clock came back for the Avanti...I installed it and it is perfect!
Thanks for the great service!"
Oakland, CA

"I got the ['67 Camaro] clock installed this past weekend, and it
works great! Never thought I'd see one of these things that
actually worked correctly. Thanks for all your help."
Omaha, NE

"Great service and turnaround time on my rally clock for our '67
GTO. I would strongly recommend The Clock Works!"
Lawton, OK

"[The '67 Mustang clock] looks better than I thought it would. I
installed it and it works perfect. Thanks again and I will certainly
tell my friends about you."
J. M.
Mandeville, LA

"I installed the clock in my '56 T-bird this weekend and it's running
very well. Thanks for the quick turnaround."
Newark, OH

"Received my ['57 Chevy] clock yesterday...looks better than new!
Thanks for the great service."
Titusville, FL

"You and your shop are awesome! The '69 Superbee clock works
great for the first time in 18 years. Your prices and turnaround time
are unbeatable. I had quotes as high as $340+ and you were the only
one to suggest using an NOS movement."
Hoover, AL

"I received my 1957 [Chevy] clock. It works great and looks good.
Thank you for everything. A customer for life."
Simi Valley, CA

"Thank you very much! You have been great to deal with. You
respond to e-mail quickly and you know how to treat the internet
customer. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends!!"

Sarasota, FL
'78 Corvette
"Thanks so much! Ava ['63 Avanti] looks great...and her clock takes
a licking and keeps on ticking! You're great folks and I pass your
name on to many others...Again...Thanks."

Oakland, CA

"You guys rock! The clock for my '62 T-bird works like a charm. I
have been working on my 'Bullet-Bird' for a couple of years and
you folks made this the easiest thing to get fixed. Plus I got $20
back for a part I didn't need. Thanks again."

Modesto, CA

"Excellent job on the clock repair. Works and looks like new.
Thank you!"
Hope, MI
'59 Chevy
"Thanks for the prompt service! I am very pleased and will let
others know."
Ballston Spa, NY
'64 Corvette
"I received my ['63 T-bird] clock back and it works great! I can't
believe how quick the conversion was done and the clock was
sent back to me!"
Woodburn, OR

"I got my ['57 Chevy] clock back yesterday and it looks good and
works like a champ. I will pass any business I can your way."
Okinawa, Japan

"My ['65 Corvette] clock works great. I just love the sound of it
ticking! The best money I have spent yet...was fixing the clock.
Thanks for the great work."
Orlando, FL

"I received my '79 Trans Am clock today. Looks great and the turn
around was excellent. I will recommend you to all my car friends
who may need your services. Thank You."
Cheyenne, WY

"Thanks so much! Excellent job on the ['64 Cadillac] clock repair. I
will be sure to recommend you to my friends!!"
Henderson, NV

"I want to thank you for a job well done in converting my 1970 El
Camino clock to quartz. It's great to see the second hand move. "
Nipomo, CA

"Your business professionalism and prompt attention to my order
was excellent! Shipped out on Monday, back on Friday, cruzin' on
Saturday and the clock keeps perfect time. I will certainly
recommend you. Thank You."
Sarasota, FL
'68 Camaro

"Thank you very much for the excellent service and turn around
time. It far exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate it. "
Londonderry, NH
'68 Firebird

"My ['60 Chevy] clock works great and I can't believe how fast the
service and turn around time was. Thanks for the great service!"
Hugo, MN
"I received the ['70 Pontiac] clock yesterday and it looks and works
great. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for the quick
Chicago, IL

"Super fast repair and turn around time for me in Canada. The
new quartz movement works like a dream."
North Vancouver, VC
'56 Ford Fairlane

"WOW! That was fast!! The clock arrived and appears to work fine.
Appreciate your prompt service."
Newark, DE
'48 Ford

"My '67 Corvair clock keeps perfect time and I have a functioning
clock in a Corvair for the first time in 30 years. Thank you for your
service and promptness!"
Sharon Hill, PA
"I must say what a fantastic job restoring the clock for my '64
Chevy Impala SS. It just seems to make the ride even better.
Service was great!!!!!!!"
Tulsa, OK

"The clock was received in good order. Thanks for the good
service as always. I have given your name to my Continental
restorer and several other car guys."
Atlanta, GA
'56 Lincoln

"I am now a loyal customer after receiving the repaired clock for my
'57 Belair sedan. Words do not describe how pleased I am with the
perfection with which your clocksmiths have restored it. You've
earned much more than the small amount you charge for such fine
craftsmanship. I'll certainly tell others."
Red Bluff, CA
"The ['39 Studebaker] clock arrived in fine condition. Thanks for
the repair and quick turnaround!"
Troy, NY
"The job you did on my ['63 T-bird] clock was great! I will be sending 2
more to be fixed."
Hartford, WI
"Thanks for a good product, good price and quick turnaround. I've
already installed the clock and it runs great."
Grovers Beach, CA
'74 Volkswagon Bus
"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on my '61 Buick clock. It
works GREAT, and was a nice early Christmas surprise."
Atlanta, GA
"Your work on my car's clock was a great success. It is running
like a clock".
Brithish Columbia, Canada
'56 Ford
"Thanks for the great job restoring the clock for my 1947 Ford. It now
keeps very accurate time and sounds great..."
Westlake, OH
"Received my ['62 T-bird] clock back today. Five minutes later it
was in and running. Thanks much for your prompt and special
Green Valley, AZ

"Thank you for the outstanding job on the 1968 Camaro clock. Your
attention to detail is virtually nonexistent in today's world and is
greatly appreciated. Even the way it was packaged shows great
concern for quality. Hats off to you. You are the best!"
Clovis, CA
"I put a new wire harness in my ['66 Chevelle] console and fired up the
clock. Working like a charm....and I'm glad I kept the original "tic-toc"
movement. Thanks again!"
Atco, NJ

"Thanks for all your help! Your turnaround is incredibly quick. The
['78 Corvette] clock looks and functions as well as new."
Wildwood, MO
"Great job and fast service on the clock for my '41 Lincoln Zephyr.
Highly recommended."
Bethany, OK

"I just received my '66 Dodge clock that your company converted to a
quartz movement. I am happy to say it is working beautifully. I got exactly
what I wanted and with a very fast turnaround. Thanks again for
Kent, WA
"Very quick turnaround and an excellent product. My '57 Chevy
clock is well worth the money and the hands are perfect."
Cameron, WI

"Thanks to everyone involved in the repair of my '57 Desoto clock. In
this day and age, it is unusual to run across people that take pride in
doing good work, promptly and reasonably. It is a pleasure to run
across people like you. Thank you again... "
Richmond, MA
"I received the ['67 Corvette] clock yesterday and my only regret is
that I can't overnight the entire car to you to perform your magic
Sherborn, MA

"Thanks for the help! It's nice to run into a customer friendly firm."
Neshkoro, WI
'69 Chevelle
"I received my '65 T-bird clock and it looks and runs great. I am so pleased
with the whole experience. Glad I found you and I will be pleased to pass
your name to anyone over here who needs a high quality auto clock
company in super quick time. Thank you for helping to make my pride and
joy even more special."
Blackburn, Lancs, England

"Received my clock for my 1961 Chevrolet today, only one week after
mailing it out. I must say I am very pleased with the quick service and
look forward to many years of enjoying a working clock!"
Willowbrook, IL

"I received the ['67 Mustang] clock yesterday. Installed it and it
works great. Great job!
A Happy Mustang Owner..."
Lakewood, CO

"I received my clock back yesterday. I didn't expect it back that fast!
Thanks again for the super fast repair!"
Bucyrus, OH

"The 1977 Lincoln clock arrived yesterday. Already installed and
working great... Thanks again!"
Wind Gap, PA

"What a delight to get my '56 Chevy clock back and have it working
again! Thank you for your service."
Monroe, WA

"Your work on my 1971 Eldorado clock was professional and the turn
around was fast. Your having a new lens for the clock was really
Bremerton, WA
"The 1973 Rolls-Royce clock arrived this morning. I've already
installed it and it is running perfectly. Thank you for the outstanding
Centerville. GA

"I received my ['41 Buick] clock today and want to thank you for a
great job. The clock looks like new. Appreciate your service."
Dallas, TX

"I got the ['54 Olds] clock back today. It looks great! It works great!
Thanks, and keep up the great work!"
Lewistown, MT

"Clock is installed and working GREAT!!! You are a true asset to the
antique/classic car hobby! I just wish I had found you before I bought
the piece of junk ['57 Chevy] reproduction clock from _____! I don't
have my receipt but I'm going to try to get them to take it back.
Thanks so much again for your great service!!!"
Palm Bay, FL

"Got my ['57 Chevy] clock back today...and as soon as I plugged it in it
started working! Woo Hoo! I love it when that happens! Thank you for the
great work and how quickly it was taken care of."
Van Nuys, CA
"Thanks for the usual good service on the quartz conversion of my '56
Ford clock. It came back in good order."
Courtenay, BC

"I got my restored ['71 Buick] clock back and it looks great! Thanks for
the good and 'timely' work!"
Lakewood, CO

"Just got the clock back for the '63 Stingray. Sir, you are a wizard!"
Hayden, ID

"Clock received, installed and is working fine. Thank you for your
great service."
Carson, CA
'67 Mustang GT
"Thanks for the fast service on my 1969 Olds 442 clock. Just got it
installed and it works fine. Would recommend your services to
anyone. Thanks much."
Lisle, IL

"Thank you for the great service on the clock from my 1955 Belair. It
keeps perfect time and looks stunning. Your response to my needs
is the reason I am recommending you to all my friends. A company
can always attract customers with price, but to keep them it's all
about service. Thanks for the professional service."
Methuen, MA

"I received the '62 Olds clock and it works great! When the box arrived I
thought that it was being returned for inadequate postage...I figured
there's no way the clock could be done already. I wish everybody in the
old car hobby could be as punctual."
Wheaton, IL

"Thank you for your excellent service, reasonable price and incredible
turn around time. I sent you the non-working clock for my '65 GMC
pickup on Saturday and got it back on Friday. It's in the truck and looks
and runs great. I am very, very happy and will be back..."
DePere, WI

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the clock for my 1958 Chev
Biscayne. I put it in as soon as UPS dropped it off and it works great!
It's a nice touch to have it working again."
Mims, FL

"I just received my 1959 [Chrysler] clock. You guys did a heck of a
job on it. I will sure recommend you to my fellow car nuts."
Fairfield, NJ

"Thanks for the speedy service you provided on my 1957 Ford Fairlane
clock!! Got here yesterday (wow, that was fast!), ...it looks great and runs
fine. Now if I could find someone to do my radio who was like The Clock
Works I'd be set!!"
Deer Park, TX
"My '56 T-bird clock is in and running great. Thanks for the great
Mansfield, CT

"Thank you! The [1966 Corvette] clock looks fantastic. Many
compliments from other Corvette enthusiasts!"
Staten Island, NY
"I received my [1955 Chevy] clock last week. I installed it Friday and it's
working just fine. Thank you for the quick turn around!"
Cincinnati, OH
"Thank you for the quick turn around and the fine quality that you
provided. My '57 Chevy clock looks and works great. You definitely
have my business in the future!"
Hatfield, PA
"I received the clock you repaired for my 1950 Chevrolet and installed it. I
am so pleased to have it ticking away and am glad to have been able to
keep the original clock. Thank you for the great work and the great
Salt Lake City, UT
"I just received and installed the clock for my 1955 Pontiac Star Chief. It
works perfectly and looks as close to show quality as could be expected.
Thanks again for the excellent job."
Elizabethtown, KY
"Wow! Fast turnaround, nice job, and you will be recommended.
Thanks again."
Oxford, MI
'62 Chrysler
"WOW ! ! Unbelievable service ! Thanks Jerry ! !"
Columbus, OH
'41 Cadillac
"I just wanted to say thanks for the great job and fast turnaround on my
1969 Buick Skylark clock. It works great and just about completes the
makeover. Thanks again for your help."
Port St. Lucie, FLsler
"I wanted to thank you for the job you did on my '72 Cadillac clock. It's
nice to do business with a business that does what they say, in a timely
fashion! Good work!!."
West Union, OH
"I just received my reconditioned clock for my 1966 Corvette and want
to commend you on a job well done. I was extremely pleased with the
service, price, and quick turnaround time. I would highly recommend
your company to other car enthusiasts."
Millbrae, CA
"Great job! Received my [1966 Mustang] clock back on Monday
afternoon, got it installed and works and looks just great! Highly
recommended in the future. Thanks again."
Groveland, CA
"I would like to thank you folks for repairing my 1946 Cadillac clock. I
like to hear the sound of the ticking, so that is one reason I didn't go
with a quartz clock. I would recommend you folks to anyone. Thanks
Sylvania, OH
"Got the [1956 Ford] clock today.....looks beautiful...thanks a lot! I'll
share your card with the local car guys who have clocks that don't
Susanville, CA
"I got the [1962 Corvette] clock back and it runs great. I belong to the
Mid Missouri Corvette Club and told everyone about the great service
you provided. Thanks for the great service."
Jefferson City, MO
"The [1972 Cadillac] clock works great! It's one of my favorite parts of
the car. Thanks very much."
Calgary, AB
"On the weekend the [1977 Cadillac] clocks arrived. After a 24 hour
test I can say they work very well and sharp. Many thanks for all."
Gruben, Germany
"The 1966 Chevy II clock you repaired last month is perfect. It has kept
perfect time. I have told numerous people about your quality service and
great customer service. Thanks for getting my 'baby' one more step
closer to perfection."
Byron Center, MI
"The [1978 Corvette] clock was re-installed and has worked very good.
It performed well during our recent NCRS Performance Verification
testing at the Lone Star Regional in Waco, TX. Thanks!"
Allen, TX
"The [1955 Chevy] clock came back today and I couldn't be happier. If it
runs as good as it looks, they'll be using me instead of Greenwich Mean
for the standard. Thanks again."
Richland Hills, TX
"Just received my [1967 Pontiac] clock back today. Thank you so much.
Excellent service. Haven't had a working clock for the past 20 years and
it finishes the car off nicely. A great Christmas present."
Kamloops, BC
"The only part of my 1963 Lincoln that didn't work was the clock. Your
turn around was quick and the service great. I installed the clock last
night and after I hooked up the battery, it was ticking nicely. Thanks for
the great experience."
Holbrook, NY
"I got the [1958 Edsel] clock back today and it looks great. Thank you
for the quick turnaround."
Austin, TX
"I received the [1939 Ford] clock yesterday. Nice work! Thanks."
Wallingford, CT
"I received my '39 Buick clock today and you did a great job. I have 2
more to service. Thanks."
Mt. Vernon, WA
"My dad and I are truely pleased with our clock that Clockworks
refurbished for our 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Dad insists the
clock is his favorite part of the car. Thanks Clockworks."
Pinetown, NC
"Just wanted to say thanks. I received the [1963 Chevy] clocks and
installed one this weekend and it works great. Business is easy when
everyone does what they say."
Moore, OK
"We received our [1964 Ford] clock back from you and it works great!!
Thank you so much for providing this service."
Des Moines, IA
"I received the [1955 T-bird] clock and it looks wonderful. Thanks a lot. I
will mention your company to our T-bird club."
Warmond, The Netherlands
"Had my '83 El Camino clock redone. Two months before warranty ran
out clock started to not keep proper time. Sent it in for warranty repair
and received it back in a nice timely manner. VERY impressed as to
concern of customer. And best of all, NO questions asked. Took care
of me VERY nicely!"
T. B.
Owosso, MI
"Received the [1963 Lincoln] clock today. It now works perfectly! Ticking
away like new. Thanks so much for your work! If I come across anyone who
needs a clock refurbished, I won't hesitate to refer them to Clockworks!
Thanks again!"
Lebanon, MO
"The reconditioned [1966 T-bird] clock is installed now. It looks and
runs as new. We have made the owner (my neighbor) very happy.
Thank you."
Oroville, WA
"I received the [1972 Oldsmobile] clock last week and installed it a
couple days later. It works great and looks great. Thanks!"
Freeburg, IL
"Thank you for fixing my [1963 Chevy] clock! It runs great!."
Bellefontaine, OH
"I wanted to say thank you for repairing the digital drum clock in my
1976 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency. It works great now! I really
appreciate the fast turnaround and the quality of the repair."
Farmers Branch, TX
"You can add my name to your satisfied customer list...the [1939 Ford]
clock arrived yesterday and it is running fine. Thank you."
Surprise, AZ
"Thanks for the great job on the [1973 Karmann Ghia] clock. It is
merrily keeping time accurately. I'll pass your name around among
the VW folks."
Tucson, AZ

"I have had the clock in my [1966 Mustang] a while now. It seems to be
working real good. I'm glad that I found you to repair it and would
recommend you to anybody. You are very fast and friendly. Thanks
Freeport, IL
"Thanks Jerry. The [1956 Packard] clock and the car are running
Rockville, MD
"My [1957 T-bird] clock not only looks like new but works like new.
Thanks for the great job in such short period of time."
Warminster, PA
"Installed the [1965 Chevy] clock today. Works great. I'll try & drum you
up some business up here as there is nobody that can repair them.
Thanks again."
Cobourg, ON
"You fixed my clock in my '51 Chev sedan delivery over a year ago and it
keeps perfect time. Thanks for the good job and for using my car as car of
the month. I wil be sending you a clock from my new project, a 1940 deluxe
Bellingham, WA
"Thanks for fixing my [1963 Chevy] clock! It runs great!"
Bellefontaine, OH
"Thanks for the great job on the [1950 Studebaker] clock. At a show
today I saw guy looking at it and checking his watch! I busted him!
Columbia, MD
"The clock quit in my '56 Ford . . . so I contacted the Clockworks. Two day
later I received a phone call to say my clock was repaired and they would
also return $20 to me as it did not take as much to repair as the estimate. I
would recommend this company to our membership for their clock
Greencastle, IN
. . .letter to the Crown Victoria Association
"I installed the clock you repaired for my 1965 T-bird. It looks great and
runs perfectly. Thanks for your help and prompt repair."
Middletown, CT
"Thank you very much for the repair job on the [1972 Olds] clock. It
works great and your staff are very professional when dealing with
customers. Again, great job!!! ."
Westport, MA
"I received the [1949 Hudson] clock and am very happy! It looks like
new!! Thanks."
Kenosha, WI, CT
"You received my [1965 T-bird] clock on Tuesday and it arrived at my
home on Friday. Thanks for the great turnaround."
Lilburn, GA
"My [1952 Mercedes] clock arrived today and is working fine. Thanks for
the good service. I will be happy to serve as a reference for you if
Annandale, VA
"That old [1977 Ranchero] clock has been installed for several days
now and I haven't had to set it yet. This thing is right on time. It's
beautiful. You deserve a compliment for a job well done. Thanks
Pella, IA
"Received my [1968 Ford] clock yesterday...it works great! Thank
you...I will definitely tell everyone I know about you..."
Geneva, NY
"Received both restored [1959 Chevy] clocks, they look and sound
great. I have a quick disconnect on my car battery and use this when
the car sits during the week. Then on the weekend with the turn on
the disconnect, I am off to my next car show, now with a clock.
Lake Mary, FL
"I received the [1954 Corvette] clock back that you restored for me.
Looks great! Thank you very much."
Fullerton, CA
"Received my [1965 Volks-Wagon] clock yesterday and it looks great! I
appreciate your great work. This is the second job you have done for
me. First one was a clock from my '40 Buick."
Terre Haute, IN
"Great work Jerry. The [1975 Rolls-Royce] clock functions perfectly!
Thanks again!"
Arlington, VA
"I received my clock yesterday and just installed it in my Matador. It
works perfectly. A big thank you and the best to you and Heidi."
Lexington, SC
"The clock movement service and stem replacement for my 1965
Dodge Polara convertible turned out absolutely fantastic! It's in the
dash and working great! Thanks again Jerry and the Clock Works
Calgary, Alberta
"I wanted to thank your company for the great work and quick turn
around I received on my 1970 Pontiac Catalina clock. If all else fails, I
will still know what time it is. Thank you all very much."
Bakersfield, CA
"Thanks so much for the work you did on the clock for my '57 T-bird.
You did everything you said you would at a very reasonable price, and
turned it around in 24 hours. I will highly recommend Clock Works to
anyone in need of a clock repair or rebuild. Thanks again..."
Sahuarita, AZ
"Received [1957 T-bird] clock today and installed. Looks and works
great. Thanks for the quick service. I'll recommend you to all my old
car friends."
S. R.
Grass Lake, MI
"Got the '67 Pontiac GTO clock back and it looks GREAT. Thanks
again for the fast and expert service."
Fresno, CA
"Wow! Fantastic. Thank you for the quick service."
Dallas, TX
'61 Cadillac
"The [1970 Buick] clock arrived. It is marvelous work, stunning
appearance and appears to work flawlessly. Thumbs up..."
Hollywood, FL
"Had the clock repaired for my 1955 Buick. The car is a bone stock, all
original, complete untouched 'survivor'. It was a must to get the clock
ticking. Looks like new and works perfect."
Erie, PA
"We have a 1970 Dodge Superbee with a Tic Toc Tac and sent it to
Clock Works for repair. Not only did they provide a fair quote but also
gave us multiple options for repair. The service was very fast and I
would recommend them to anyone."
Oakdale, MN
"Thank you very much for the great job with my Cessna 182 clock
repairs. One has been in the plane for about a week now keeping
perfect time. And of course, thank you for the balance refund. "
Ramsey, NJ
"Thanks for repairing my [1970 Chevelle] clock. I didn't expect to get
$30 back. It's nice to know there are still honest people in this world."
Cedar, MN
"The [1956 Desoto] clock arrived on Friday. It looks great. Thank you. "
Mobile, AL
"I received the clock for my '66 Corvette today. Thanks very much.
Very much appreciate the expert work, communications, price and
done in a timely manner!"
Beamsville, ON
"The [1940 Ford] clock arrived yesterday and, as expected, works fine. I
took the clock to a local repair guy a couple of years ago who said it had
too many worn-out parts to be fixed at a reasonable price. Soon the hole
in my car's dashboard will be nicely filled."
White River Jct., VT
"I received my [1973 Mustang] clock back yesterday. It works like a
charm and looks great! Thanks for the service. I'll pass on your
information to my fellow mustang owners.
Ft. Leavenworth, KS
"I received the [1966 Corvair] clock today and installed it this evening.
Working great! I sincerely appreciate your effort. I will recommend your
service in the future."
Urbana, OH
"Very satisfied with your work. Fast service and we would recommend
you to anyone that wants quality work done on their clock."
New Hampton, NH
'56 Ford

"The clock arrived and it looks fantastic! It's in my [1961] Corvette now
ticking away! Thank you so much!"
Littlestown, PA
"Thanks for doing a great job on my [1969 Chrysler] clock. Cheers."
Victoria, BC
"Clock arrived and already in the car. Wonderful. I can surely
recommend your service as punctual, friendly and excellent quality.
Nice work."
Hamburg, Germany
'57 Cadillac
"Recieved my 1955 T-bird clock on Friday. I have to say it looks and
runs great. Thanks for the great service. And a great bargain also."
Landenberg, PA
"Thanks for the prompt service on the [1956 Olds] clock. It keeps
perfect time, looks real good also."
Des Plaines, IL
"I got my clock and installed it yesterday. It runs great and I am 100%
satisfied. Great work and service!"
Bavaria, Germany
"Clock is running great! It's quiet and has kept perfect time. It's original
and I'm really glad to have it. I've had this Lincoln since it was new in '78.
Thanks again."
Athens, TX
"I received the 1960 Corvette clock today. Very friendly person with
high workmanship. Clock looks like new. Thank you very much for the
great service."
Aargau, Switzerland
"The [1957 Chevy] clock arrived safely on Monday and I installed it this
afternoon. I commend you for an original restoration job well done, quick
turn around, and within budget. It completes the total dash restoration"
Oldsmar, FL
"Received the clock for my wife's '68 Firebird convertible last week
and installed it right away. Brand new innards and it works perfectly.
Jerry couldn't have been more customer friendly. Thanks Jerry."
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Thanks for the fast service on my [1971 Mercedes] clock. It is becoming
more common for a business to promise fast service and always have an
excuse to take longer than they promised. I will tell everybody about your
fast service."
Oldsmar, FL
"The [1963 Chevy] clock works very well. I installed it this morning and 3
hours later it is still right on time! Thanks for the excellent work!."
Savannah, GA
"Got the [1970 Buick] clock. Very, very nice. Thanks for the effort on her."
Katy TX
"I got the [1968 Cadillac] clock back on Friday, installed it, and it works
great! Ticks and clicks just like it should. Thank you."
Pauls Valley, OK
"Finally installed the [1970 Chevelle] clock and it works great! Thanks for the
fast turnaround."
Middletown, MD
"The [1965 & 1967 Corvette] clocks arrived home this morning. Perfect.
Great service. I will recommend you. Thanks."
Rockwood, ON
"You guys are Good! Thanks. I will pass around your name."
Barrington, IL
'56 Desoto

"Received the [1966 Corvair] clock and was really happy. Unbeliveable fast
turnaround, especially with the Holidays. I have it installed and am thrilled to
have it working again. Thanks a lot!"
Woodsfield, OH
"This is the 2nd clock you've done for us and we're totally happy with the 1st
one. After 4 or 5 years it still works perfect."
Newark, OH
'60 T-bird
"The [1956 Cadillac] clock runs great and is keeping time a lot more accurately
than it ever used to. Just wanted to commend you on your work and let you
know that I'll be referring people your way any oppurtunity I get."
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Thank you so much for upgrading the clocks in my 1959 Cadillac nine passenger
sedan to quartz movements. Now I don't have to wonder if the time is correct as it is
in both the front seat and back passenger compartment. Both clocks keep perfect
Canon City, CO
"Received the [1967 Plymouth] clock yesterday; looks great! Thank you very
Loomis, CA
"I own a 1971 Cadillac and the clock did not work. After considerable research I found
the Clockworks and after my first contact I knew I had found the right company. Jerry
was forthright in his handling a new customer and after sending some extra money in
case the coils needed wiring, he repaired the clock and sent the extra money back.
The clock works like new and I am most grateful. He is a great person to do business
with which I highly recommend to anyone."
Litchfield, CT

"Whether a restoration is of a house, a piece of furniture, or a car, it's the
details that make a restoration look good. The clock in my old car was a detail
that you really came through on. I appreciate your skill and workmanship. The
clock turned out beautifully and keeps good time."
McDonough, GA
'55 Mercury
"I've got the clock back in the [1973 Corvette] and it runs great. Really appreciate
the super job and fast turnaround!"
Pensacola, FL

"Got the [1967 Chevelle SS] clock today. Installed it and it works as nice as it
looks. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. It's good to know
someone that has such workmanship and attention to detail. Really made my
day to have the original clock working again. I will without hesitation be
recommending your service. Very happy with it, just icing on the cake."
Hampstead, MD
"The [1968 Barracuda] clock arrived in good shape. We like the prompt way you do
business. Thank you very much."
Sioux Falls, SD
"Had a clock rebuild for my 1955 Chevy Belair and it works great. Could not ask for better
service. Service and quality was great. Will be back for any additional repairs that I might
need. Thanks!"
Waco, TX
"I received my [1963 Cadillac] clock today. It arrived safely, intact, and works like a top. It's the
little things in life that bring me so much joy. I sat in the car for a long time just listening to the
mechanism running. So awesome to have one more part of my car working in top condition
again! I will be recommending your service to anyone in need of automobile clock repairs."
J. S.
Bonney Lake, WA
"I installed the [1975 Pontiac] clock yesterday and took the car out for a ride last
night. It's very cool to see a functioning clock instead of the block off plate
installed back in the early 90's when I removed the broken clock. Thank you
again. I really appreciate it."
Eatontown, NJ

"The [1962 Chevy] clock got here and I got it installed. Looks real sharp now and runs
great. I would recommend Clockworks to anyone. Very good service and fast too."
F. S.
Frankfort, KY
"I just picked up the [1955 T-bird} yesterday after having the refurbished clock
installed. It runs great. Keeps perfect time so far. Thanks for your very good
Los Angeles, CA
"2 words: "You ROCK!" Received my [1967 Camaro] clock back today and
it's perfect and keeping great time too! Thank you so very much... I'll
recommend you to anyone who'll listen, and probably those who won't too.
Top service, and top work."
Melbourne, Australia

"Wow, that was quick! If you see a sudden surge in clocks from Westchester
County, NY and Fairfield County, CT you'll know why! Many thanks."
Greenwich, CT
'66 Lincoln
"Got the '78 El Camino clock back today and installed it. Works great. A big
thanks for your help. I bought an NOS one and plan on sending it to you to
clean/repair it for backup. Thanks again."
Melrose, MA

"Got my 1965 Corvair dash clock this morning. Looks grrreat. Can't wait to
install it in the car. Thanks."
Montreal, Quebec
"I received my [1966 Corvette] clock and reinstalled it yesterday. It fired right up
and is keeping perfect time. Thanks you for your excellent repair work."
Salt Lake City, UT

"Thank you and your crew so much. I love the ticking. It is the heartbeat of the
Pontiac. Please add me to your list of happy customers."
Seattle, WA
'37 Pontiac
"Runs perfectly! Thanks again! You provide a truly valuable and worthwile
Greenwich. CT
'66 Lincoln
"Received my clock for my 55 Ford. Looks great and is working well. I will
recommend you to my friends."
Fleetwood, PA
"Received the clock for my 1959 Olds 98 in only ONE WEEK, reinstalled it and it is
running for the first time in over 30 years and is keeping great time. You guys are
awesome! I plan to keep the service tag in the owners manual with the rest of the
original dealer documents. Thanks again!! "
Tampa, FL
"Hi Jerry. Got the [1969 Corvette] clock yesterday. You brought it back to life. It
works great. Thanks again and I'll tell all my buddy's about you."
Auburn, NY
"Received my repaired 1937 Buick clock. Great job! I will be sending out another
clock of the same make. Thanks again for a great job. "
Homer City, PA
"Just wanted to say thank you for the repair of the two [1962 Ford] clocks."
Tucson, AZ
"Just received the [1968 Camaro] clock yesterday, did an excellent job! Thanks."
Springfield, MA
"I received the [1966 Chevy] clock on Friday. Thank you for the quick
turnaround and your honesty with the check enclosed for the overpayment. I
installed the clock today and it works great! Thanks again!"
Warner Robins, GA
"I wish I knew about you sooner on other cars that needed clock service. I'll be
sure to pass your name around. Thanks!"
Placerville, CA
'70 Cadillac
"Thank you for your service on the [1937 Buick] clocks. They work just
fine and I will be sure to suggest your service when anyone mentions to
me about having a car clock serviced. Once again thank you for all your
work and it was a pleasure doing business with you."
Homer City, PA
"The [1961 T-bird] clock arrived safely packaged like a Faberge egg!
Thanks for the quick turnaround. Installed it yesterday and it works
perfectly. Only been staring at it for the last eight years indicating 1PM!
Once again, thanks for the great service."
San Diego, CA
"My 1948 Studebaker Champion clock looks and works great. Got it
back fast. Love the sound when if first gets power. Will send anyone
who needs a clock worked on here."
Champaign, IL
"I had been wanting for a long time to get the clock repaired in my Ford LTD
Convertible, then I found out about The Clock Works. Sent it in, got it back,
installed it, works great. Couldn't be happier. Turn around time was
unbelievable. Great job Clock Works!"
L. R.
Storm lake, IA
"just wanted to thank you for making the [1957 Pontiac] clock work. It
sounds so neat just ticking away in the old Pontiac. Thanks again..."
Baton Rouge, LA
"Clock looks great. Hope to get it back in soon. Thank you all at The Clock
Wilmington, NC
'67 Pontiac

"Received my 1941 Packard car clock. Runs great. A very professional
job. Prompt too. I will recommend you to my car guys."
Bremerton, WA
"Thanks for the fast fix on the '66 Caddy clock. 1st time I've seen it run in 15
Mequon, WI

"Got the [1970 Cadillac] clock today and installed. Works like a clock
should! Very happy and will tell others about you!"
Placerville, CA
"Put the clock in the '49 Ford this weekend. Works like a champ! Love
the..tic..tic..tic. Thanks."
Highland, MI
"Received my '57 T-bird clock back okay. Just wanted to thank you for the
quick service. it was much appreciated. Thanks again."
Painesville, OH
"I received the [1971 Mustang] clock today. Looks great and thanks for
sending the used parts."
Palmer, MA
"Just received my clock for my '61 Vette back from you all last night.
Installed and tick away! Thasnks for a great job and quick turnaround."
Annapolis, MD
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