Trust your clock to the experts!

Whether your car is an award winning restoration or a daily driver, THE CLOCK
WORKS will get your auto's clock ticking. We offer mechanical restoration to
original specs on many domestic 12 volt mechanical clocks for as little as
$59.95. (Prices vary by make, model and year. Quartz, digital drum, 6 volt,
manual wind-up, and import clocks may be higher.)

What's included in mechanical restoration?
Basic mechanical restoration to the clock movement includes
disassembly of the entire movement, replacement of worn or distorted
components, reassembly, oiling, and calibration. We only ask that the
original movement be intact and serviceable. Recoloring of faded
hands, cleaning of the clock face and polishing of most plastic clock
lenses is often done at no extra cost.

What's not included?
Replacement of external and cosmetic components such as the set
stem, set knob, lens, dial face, hands or clock casing is normally not a
part of mechanical restoration, but may be available at additional cost.
These extra cost items would only be replaced at your request. Other
items not included in standard servicing include electrical components
such as bulbs, fuses, wiring or winding coils.

What if the clock cannot be repaired?
If for any reason your existing clock movement cannot be properly
serviced you may have other options. In some cases we may be able to
replace your existing clock movement with an already reconditioned
movement from our extensive inventory. We also have a limited number
of NOS original equipment clock movements available for select clocks.
You may also have the option of having a modern quartz movement
installed in your clock. Of course, if you choose, you would always have
the option of having your clock returned to you unserviced at no charge.

How long will it take?
This is where we really shine! Experience has taught us that customers
do not like to be left waiting. That is why we strive to adhere to a 7 day
turnaround policy. Normally a clock will be shipped out within 2 to 3
weeks from the time it arrives at our service department. If there is a
delay we will usually try to contact you with an explanation provided
you provide us with a daytime telephone number. For those under the
gun to get the job finished, we offer our $25 express turnaround service
which assures your clock will be back in your hands as soon as
This service has made us quite popular with last minute
detailers, as well as folks who don't like a hole in their dashboard. Just
indicate "EXPRESS SERVICE" on the outside of the box and we will
move you to the front of the line!

What is the warranty?
Our policy is to repair or replace, at our option, any clock movement
returned to us for warranty service within one year of the original service
date. This warranty does not cover damage due to mishandling or
problems with the car's electrical system. Warranty parts and labor will be
provided at no charge within the warranty period. Just return the clock
with a copy of the original invoice, an explanation of the problem, and $17
for return shipping. We always encourage customers to call before
returning a clock for warranty service since many times the problem can
be traced to faulty wiring or installation procedures, or there may just be a
trick to starting your clock that you are not aware of. Due to varying
conditions such as vibration, voltage and temperature fluctuations, and
due to the fact that most auto clocks are designed to be regulated by the
user, calibration is normally not covered under warranty.

Do you have other questions?
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Do I need to send my clock in for an estimate?
NO! Visit our "request a quote" page to obtain an email estimate on
your clock. Be sure to include the make, model and year of vehicle and
your email address in the form. We will email a quote ASAP. Then print
out the email quote and send it along with your clock!

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